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Ultrasound Trainer & Ultrasound Phantom Needle Injection Trainers

The ability to confidently and consistently access superficial veins greatly increases the effectiveness of sclerotherapy treatments and patient satisfaction. Precision Sclero’s patent pending injection trainers are ideal for perfecting sclerotherapy techniques in a realistic yet stress free environment. Each handcrafted ultrasound phantom is manufactured with a self-sealing material which mimics human tissue and surrounds internal vessels for lifelike performance.

Each injection trainer contains multiple vessels that vary in depth, shape and size. The durable injection trainers are able to withstand numerous needle sticks. For an ultrasound trainer designed for PICC procedures we recommend the Ultrasound Access Trainer, containing three different sized tubules found at realistic PICC procedure depths. Each vascular access trainer kit includes the trainer, vascular refill solution, SyrEase adapted syringes and needles, washable bacteriostatic dye and a 20cc refill syringe to replace the fluid in the veins after use. Browse the product offering for a detailed product description of each ultrasound needle injection trainer.

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